Casanova is an artificially intelligent program that talks to and collects phone numbers from girls on Tinder. This site map is for search engine indexing purposes only.

The program starts by liking all Tinder users in your set range. Then, the bot analyzes each match’s bio and creates a custom personality profile that is used to pick out a custom opener to get the user to begin a conversation. If chosen, the bot then continues the dialogue with the motive of acquiring the phone number.

First, set your location, distance, and age range. You can change these in the settings menu. Then, simply click the button and the Autoliker will like every user within those set ranges. It will stop liking if you run out of daily likes or run out of users in your range.

The second step of the program is to start a conversation with all your matches at once. The program scans each bio and categorizes the user by a pre-set database of psychological criteria. The bot then chooses an appropriate opening line based on the user’s personality profile to successfully start a dialogue.

The final step is optional. If you want to continue the dialogue on your own with the matches that have responded to the initial opener, feel free. But, if you would like the bot to collect multiple phone numbers while you’re doing something more productive, like saving the world, press the number miner button.

Are you having a party? Are you back in town from Vacation? Whatever the case, send a mass message to all your matches in a few milliseconds. Let them know what’s up.