Get More Matches

Step 1: Choose Good Pictures

Choose good quality pictures of yourself. DO NOT pick photos with multiple people. Out of all the tinder tips online, that one is most common. Advertise yourself, not your friends. Put your best side out there, if you work out post pictures of your body. If you travel post pictures of you being adventurous, show off what you have. Tinder is very superficial.

Extra points for pictures with your dog, or someone else’s dog. Girl’s swipe right for the dog, this gives Casanova a chance to attempt a pickup.

First Picture: Face

Take a good face shot with a genuine smile. Girls are constantly swiping left, they only choose a small number of men so put your best picture first.

Second Picture: Body

You don’t have to put up a shirtless picture if you don’t have the muscles to show off but try to put up something athletic at least. Women are unknowingly deciding whether or not you will look good in bed, tickle their subconscious fancy but showing that you are physically capable.

If you’re out of shape we recommend lowering your expectations or raising your photography budget. Sometimes men have a hard time finding their “good side”, something that women have mastered through thousands of selfies. Take a lot of pictures, use different poses, pick the best one or hire a photographer. Women take hours, sometimes days, doing this so you should also take some time to get your pictures done well.

Third through Six: Fun

Post pictures of you traveling, having fun somewhere, on the beach, etc. Show them you know how to have a good time.

Step 2: Write a Creative Bio


You may be spending your time swiping right but girls are doing the opposite. Once they see something they may like they look at all your pictures twice, read your bio, re-read it, then they look at your Instagram and make a decision. Write something that seals the deal. Don’t be a douche, even the girl’s looking for quick sex online don’t appreciate the stupid sexually explicit nonsense. Keep it classy, but definitely make it funny. The best way to get a swipe right is to first make a good joke.

Make a conversation starter. Something that requires a response. Here’s a good example:

“I’m everything you want in a man. I can provide a resume with references.”

Show off what you have. If you have a cool job, say it. 

“New York based graphic designer during the day. Masked vigilante during the night. Looking for a partner in crime.”

BE UNIQUE! This is important. Most of Tinder is filled with the usual basic girl looking for someone to share their pumpkin spice latte with but they still won’t give a shit about your basic bullshit story. You’re passionate about food and music? Great. So is 99% of the population. Use your imagination, use the internet, remix someone else’s line if you have to, but stay away from “I like fishing and dogs”.